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By bus:

If you are travelling to Melaka via a bus, the easiest way to get to our hotels is via Uber or Grab (download it from your app store. Call for ride when you board your bus and be sure which hotel are your checking into - Sunshine Inn or Sunshine Inn Plus to ensure you are dropped off the right hotel.

Some bus ticket booking site:

Note: If you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur, the usual from off point would be Melaka Sentral, if you are travelling from Singapore, the usual drop off point would be in some hotels. Try to board the bus from the following : Hatten, Equatorial or Straits as they are closest to our hotel. 

Express Coach

Getting to the hotel

Luxury Coach

By car:

If you are travelling to Melaka by car, the easiest way to get to our hotels is using a navigation app : Google Maps or Waze. (download it from your app store). Public parkings are available in both hotel location.

BONUS READ: How to avoid a parking tickets in Melaka.

  • Use a parking coupon (RM0.40 for 30 minutes, RM 0.60 for 1 hour RM 5 for one day, available for sale at the front desk.

  • Make sure you are parking in a white box. RM 100 fine if you are not parked in a designated parking.

  • Different location have different operating hours, check the signage near the parking. Around our hotel is 8am to 6pm.

  • Traffic blocks are very common in Melaka, make sure you are on handsfree if you need to take a call.

  • TIP: there is a speed trap right after the Ayer Keroh toll heading towards town (right before the Melaka Zoo) make sure you are travelling at the speed of 80km/h.

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